Get Moving to Bring Everyone In: HomeWalk at Home!

Saturday, November 14

Spend your Saturday with us and the Los Angeles Rams, and you can power the movement to end homelessness!

We know we can’t get together for our annual HomeWalk 5K this year, so we will celebrate “HomeWalk at Home.” To stay safe, we’re going virtual, but we cannot miss an opportunity to join together in the single largest annual event to end homelessness and to support bold solutions to bring Everyone In, into the safety and comfort of a home.

Before COVID-19, there were already far too many people experiencing homelessness in our County. When our world changed in March, so did the lives of the more than 66,000 people experiencing homeless who had nowhere to shelter in place. The pandemic strained these systems, adding urgency to the work we'd already been doing to bring everyone into safe and affordable housing.

The global pandemic and unjust death of George Floyd further exposed the cracks in our systems as communities of color are disproportionately impacted. Black residents make up only 8% of the county, but 34% of people and 56% of families experiencing homelessness are Black.

Since the pandemic, we have seen the inequities grow in our housing crisis. Many families are on the edge of eviction and job loss, at risk of falling into homelessness. Now more than ever our most vulnerable neighbors experiencing homelessness, especially seniors and those suffering from severe chronic health conditions, are at even greater risk of exposure and death.

Let’s keep up the momentum of our efforts to respond to the pandemic immediately and long-term. Now is the time to ensure that people who are struggling as they’ve lost jobs and income during the pandemic don’t fall into homelessness. Now is the time to show our homeless neighbors we value them and want to help to bring them safely inside.

We can HomeWalk at Home and show up for our homeless neighbors. You’ve proven that your hearts are open to the struggles of our most vulnerable neighbors. Now it’s time to warm up and run/walk 5K to power solutions to end homelessness.

Join us on Saturday, November 14 for our first-ever virtual HomeWalk. Spend the day doing your own 5K run/walk, share photos and videos of your walk or run using the #HomeWalkatHome, then come back at 5 p.m. for our virtual program as we bring you live entertainment with the Los Angeles Rams cheerleaders, players, Coach McVay, stories from our formerly homeless neighbors and much more.

We’ve also teamed up with the Rams cheerleaders and Rampage to bring you activities for the whole family to enjoy. That week, all registered participants will receive access to a variety of activities including kids yoga, dancing, stretching and your very own playlist with DJ Mad.

Challenge your neighbors, join your family and get moving to bring Everyone In. Together, we will unite in a day of community building for our neighbors experiencing homelessness. 


COVID brought new threats to a terrible situation—and revealed how much we can doHomelessness is the humanitarian crisis of our time. The pandemic added urgency and turned the lives of people experiencing homelessness upside down.

  • The pandemic also showed us how connected and vulnerable we are, and how much more we have to do. COVID-19 makes homelessness a more urgent matter of life and death. Living in our streets has always been unsafe. The life expectancy of our homeless neighbors is 57 years old.
  • Homelessness starts rising when median rents in a region exceed 22% of median income, and rise even more sharply at 32%. In LA, the median rent is 46.1% of median income.
  • Nearly one-third of LA renter households pay more than half their income on housing. Nearly 600,000 county residents spend 90 percent or more of their income on housing.
  • The average rent is $2,182 for a 2 bedroom. Renters need to earn 2.8 times minimum wage to afford this.
  • Los Angeles county has seen a 65% increase in rent over the past decade

When we see our neighbors suffering on the street, it can feel like our solutions aren’t working. But the reality is surprisingly hopeful.

The urgency of COVID-19 showed us what we are capable of. It showed us how we can protect vulnerable people living on the street.

  • With strategies and resources aligned, Los Angeles County brought 8,260 people inside in just six months during the pandemic, through Project Roomkey, recreation and park centers, trailers and medical sheltering.
  • Everyone In campaign has more than 170,000 advocates mobilizing for change towards affordable housing.

We haven’t set foot inside our offices since mid-March, but United Way has not stopped in our fight against homelessness. We continued to reach unsheltered people with life-saving help while fostering the long-term solutions that Los Angeles County needs to create Homes for All and end homelessness for more than 66,000 people on any given night.

Why HomeWalk?

Since 2007, HomeWalk has brought together more than 125,000 people from across Los Angeles County and raised over $9.5 million that has helped move over 20,000 people into homes. Through HomeWalk, you are powering the big ideas and ambitious plans of United Way and our partners across Los Angeles.

Homewalk drives solutions and systems change. United Way of Greater LA and the over 100 organizations and partners we support are at the forefront of LA’s fight to end homelessness. Homewalk brings together civic leaders from across the county to help us create the city and county collaboration that led to Measure H, Prop HHH and system improvements.

Homewalk connects you to your neighbors who are working every day to end the homelessness and housing crisis. A virtual platform can make it easier for us to connect and hear from the heroes who are changing lives every day for our most vulnerable neighbors and fighting year-round. Find out how you can help, by advocating for policy change and contributing resources and support to the organizations in your community that provide life-saving services to those in need.

Connect with civic-minded Angelenos committed to fighting poverty. Join us with your Quaranteam to HomeWalk from Home. Walk for your neighbors experiencing homelessness. Learn how you can get more involved to bring Everyone In.

Through Homewalk, you are powering solutions to:

  • Accelerate construction of new types of affordable housing, our homelessness crisis is our housing crisis
  • Improve services to provide care and safety to people with the most immediate needs, and
  • Change policy to keep people from falling into homelessness—tomorrow and into the future.
  • Bring Everyone In to the safety and stability of a home

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