200 N. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012


Parking & Transportation

To avoid traffic on race day, we strongly recommend participants utilize public transportation.

Red and Purple Lines provide easy access to Grand Park, with entrances located near the Civic Center/Grand Park Metro Station (see location of station on the route map). To plan your trip, please visit

Large groups that are traveling via bus can drop off passengers on the corner of Hill St. and 1st St. The bus driver has 2 options:

  1. The bus can proceed to park on 1st and Main. Please note that due to stacked parking in this area, the bus will not be able to get out until 1 p.m.
  2. For more flexibility, buses can proceed to the overflow lot at Cesar Chavez and Mathews (one block east of Soto St.), in the Boyle Heights area. This is fairly close, within 10-15 minutes of Grand Park. A map will be provided to each bus driver at the drop-off point. 

 Drop-off location is contingent on finalization of route and related details. Work in progress. We will provide updated text asap.



There are paid lots available for participants for a fee.

  1. Lot 14 at 135 N. Grand Avenue (Music Center)
    Enter via southbound traffic, turning right into the garage from Grand Avenue between First Street and Temple Street. Event Rate of $9 (cash or credit upon entry)
    1000 Spaces
  2. Lot 16 at 111 S. Grand Avenue (Walt Disney Concert Hall)
    Enter via 2nd Street between Grand Avenue and South Hope Street. Event Rate of $9 (CASH ONLY upon entry)
    1700 Spaces
  3. Lot 17 at 131 S. Olive Street
    Enter via Olive Street between First Street and Second Street. Event Rate of $9 (CASH ONLY upon entry)
    556 Spaces